Phone Volunteers Needed


If you have unlimited long distance, or live within the CA-04 Congressional District, I would like to invite you to call registered voters in my area directly to tell them about my campaign for the United States Representatives, which is nearing the crucial primary election. Various volunteers have set up a database of phone numbers you can download 50 at a time; this is an amazing use of communications tools and social networking power. The link below has additional information, including a sample script.

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Best Wishes,
Theodore Terbolizard

Motivation & Agenda


In January 2007, I made a decision to run for the United States House of Representatives, in my family's homeland, California's 4th Congressional District. My motivation for running has not wavered or changed since then. Congress is massively unpopular with the U.S. public, and that is where I believe our nation faces its greatest problems.

Three trends in Congress I strongly oppose:

1. Deficit spending. We have annual federal budget deficits totalling hundreds of billions of dollars. There has never been any crisis in my lifetime worthy of federal deficits, yet we are setting spending records, with money we don't have. Deficits guarantee high taxes, bigger government and a weak dollar.

2. Attacks on our individual freedom. Congress routinely passes bills that dangerously violate our cherished Constitutional rights. Single bills will encroach on our 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendment rights, yet these bills pass with broad bipartisan support at the expense of our citizens. Sadly, far too many of us are noticing the erosion of our liberties.

3. Support of failed foreign policy. Constitutionally, our foreign policy is largely the responsibility of the executive branch, yet the House of Representatives is responsible for funding our nation's actions. Our current foreign policy makes us more enemies than friends, which dangerously limits our opportunities for economic prosperity in the global marketplace.

One of my opponents in the June 3rd Republican primary, Doug Ose, embodies exactly what I see wrong in Congress, and he has a public voting record from his prior terms in Washington to prove it. It is clear to me that Ose is a believer in big government and an enemy of freedom.


If you ever want to guess my personal position on an issue, it is very simple. I believe in more freedom for individuals and less government. Period. This does not change based on context, moral dilemmas or political expediency.

In Washington, my legislative agenda will be very simple. I will vote NO on nearly all bills passing through the House of Representatives. I will also focus on drafting one page pieces of legislation designed to repeal existing legislation the size of phone books or encyclopedia sets. More laws and more legislation generally result in more government, more spending, more taxes and less freedom. The Republican Party believes in lower taxes, smaller government and personal responsibility. My goal is to help reduce the size of government, reduce taxes, reduce federal spending, so that we as citizens have more control over our own lives.

At this time, I have no interest in serving in our state government, however, as a California resident and voter, I apply the same principles mentioned above. When faced with state ballot propositions, I will vote NO on a proposition if it creates more government or increased spending. I have a tendency to vote NO on every single issue. In our recent election, I voted NO across the slate on propositions 91-97, which was consistent with various Republican groups in our district, from grassroots supporters of my campaign here in Gold Country, and consistent with the El Dorado County CRA. Of particular interest were the Indian Gaming bills; there were many reasons to oppose those, which is enough for a no vote, period.

I was shocked to find Tom McClintock's positions on the recent State ballot propositions on his blog. Tom is one of my opponents on the June 3rd Republican primary ballot, and he is a darling of many in our party throughout the state. Yet his recommendations on the recent Propositions are contrary what I know many Republicans in our District actually believe, and this contrast in alarming. On his blog dated 1-16-2008, McClintock recommended YES on 91 and all four Indian Gaming bills; he only recommended one NO vote, on proposition 92. At this time, I cannot figure out McClintock's sense of direction, his consistency escapes me.

California Homeschooling Ruling a Totalitarian Nightmare

Two days a week I co-host a live online political talkshow on On the show, we take live callers from across the United States. Sadly, this past week, we had to dedicate an entire segment to the recent news that home schooling in our state is coming under attack from a ruling by the Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles. As you may very well know by now, this ruling would force parents that homeschool their children to have state-approved teaching credentials. The reaction to this news by politically-concerned callers on our show was unanimous disgust. Literally, people across the country are wondering what is going wrong in California. To outsiders- on this specific issue- our state is seen as endorsing centrally-planned socialist or even outright fascist ideals, completely inconsistent with a free society.

I must stand beside Governor Schwarzenegger, who spoke out on behalf of homeschooling, saying "Every California child deserves a quality education, and parents should have the right to decide what's best for their children."

The strongest educational system we can strive for is going to have the most competition involved; we should always follow the free market path, seeking more options and not less options. Public and state-sanctioned education should only be one of many choices for parents, students and families. My own daughter, who turns eleven this week, is arguably smarter than I am, and was already interested in and learning Shakespeare years ago; obviously, this is more than we should expect from our public school system, and this is one of many reasons why she attends private school. My sister-in-law has three teenage sons homeschooled by a tutor, who is able to provide a curriculum inclusive of both pop culture and theology their family chooses, completely beyond the realm of what is covered in state-approved educational agendas.

The history and science taught in our public schools goes against what many of us actually believe in our society; in today's world, it is becoming increasingly common to hear twentysomethings derisively refer to public schools in our nation as 'Government Propaganda Camps.' This is a dangerous trend. Forcing our children to be indoctrinated in centrally-planned teachings is a totalitarian nightmare.

In a time when both the State and Federal Govenrments are struggling with endless budget deficits, the idea that we would ban and criminalize anything that is literally helping reduce the size of government spending is clearly a recklessly bad decision. Imagine paying even more taxes so you could put your neighbor in jail for homeschooling their own child.

We should all be very embarrassed and outraged at this recent ruling, which must be challenged and overturned.

Theodore Terbolizard
Gold Country

Theodore Terbolizard is a Republican candidate for the California 4th Congressional District seat being vacated by retiring incumbent John T. Doolittle. You can listen to Terbolizard and co-host Dean Santoro (R-FLA) twice a week on; their show 'Congressional Coast to Coast' airs Mondays and Wednesdays, from 4pm to 6pm. Live callers can call 512-646-2008 or 877-646-2008 to talk about this and other issues. Terbolizard's campaign website is

Sacramento Bee & Bogus Elections

Sacramento Bee & Bogus Elections

Friday, February 8, 2008, Theodore Terbolizard speaking at a fundraiser event in San Francisco, making fun of the Sacramento Bee and discussing perceptions of election fraud in the February 5th California primary.

The next evening, Terbolizard was arrested by police for suspicion of DUI and spent the night in jail, and event that attracted statewide publicity.

Added: March 06, 2008

Terbolizard Doesn't Blink

(GRASS VALLEY, CA) Republican Congressional Candidate Theodore Terbolizard of Cedar Ridge is promising to continue his campaign for the 4th District Congressional seat being vacated by retiring incumbent John T. Doolittle. Terbolizard turned in his ballot qualification signatures back in February, less than two weeks after the papers were available to candidates. This week, Nevada County Elections officials were reporting that his nomination paper signatures had been verified against County voter data.

Terbolizard faces some very tough competition in the June 3rd GOP primary, with longtime California law maker Tom McClintock of Ventura county announcing his candidacy for the rural Northern California seat this past Tuesday. McClintock's announcement resulted in two other candidates dropping out of the race immediately: former State Senator Rico Oller and Military Analyst Eric Egland. "While I certainly must respect McClintock's power inside the party, I am greatly disappointed to see folks with more local accountability drop out immediately based on McClintock's announcement," said Terbolizard, who added "I always remind people that all of us have the right to stand up and run for office. The more competition we have in our elections, the better off we'll be as a country."

The relatively inexperienced Terbolizard, running in only his second election, turned 40 years old just this past week. His campaign focuses on personal freedom, government restraint and greater understanding. "My main reasons for running have not changed, even with all the candidates coming and going since Doolittle announced his retirement. We have a federal government that is stealing our money and stealing our freedoms, and I will not stand by and watch" explained Terbolizard.

Describing himself as a paleo-conservative to distance himself from the neo-conservative movement within today's GOP, Terbolizard is a fan of 20th century Republican icon Barry Goldwater Sr. "Goldwater had the courage to fight against the Rockefellers, who represented the big-government side of the Republican party back in my late father's day. Goldwater won that battle. Yet, sadly, we still have to fight that same fight today against big government forces inside our very own party" said Terbolizard.

Rough & Ready Fruit Jar Pickers

Rough & Ready Fruit Jar Pickers

ROUGH & READY, California - Despite heavy rain and wind, Congressional Candidate Theodore Terbolizard was on the campaign trail early this past Sunday, which started with a visit to the rural Nevada County Gold Town Rough & Ready, where the venerable bluegrass group, the Rough & Ready Fruit Jar Pickers, holds its weekly jam session.

"This is exactly the sort of community that money just can't buy" said Terbolizard, who was there with a video camera to record footage of the group for his youtube channel []. "Rough & Ready is a great example of what freedom really looks like, here's this community that looks after its own and sets its own standards. You know it's a cool sort of place when the big local holiday is Secession Day" remarked Terbolizard, referring to the local 1850 vote to secede from the Union.

Rough & Ready Fruit Jar Pickers' band leader Everette Burkard signed Terbolizard's State Elections Code Nomination Paper, which will help put Terbolizard on the June 3rd Republican Primary Ballot for California's 4th Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives.

Terbolizard, also a musician, had been invited to visit the Fruit Jar Pickers Jam sessions after a chat with supporters at a Grass Valley fundraising dinner for his campaign earlier this month. The candidate, celebrating his 40th birthday this coming weekend, will be performing with his rock and roll band Chief Enablers at his next fundraising event, Saturday March 1, in North San Juan at The Brass Rail, a roadside tavern on Highway 49 which also dates back to 1850s Gold Town origins. The show is free, with donations requested; show starts at 9pm.

Fruit Jar Pickers play American Folk music every Sunday, 10am-noon, across the street from the general store in Rough & Ready.

Personal Freedom Challenge

"They who can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin
February 17, 1775

My top campaign theme as I run for the United States House of Representatives in California's 4th Congressional District is "Personal Freedom." Since politicians- including my opponents- are prone to generalized platitudes such as this, I will elaborate with examples of how I would vote in Congress, and both challenge and summarize my opponents on the same examples.

I am absolutely outraged that our cherished Constitutional Freedoms are under attack from our own Federal Legislature. I am unable to sit idly by while our elected officials pass bills in Congress that, in my estimation, dangerously damage our 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendment rights. In Congress, I would have voted against the Patriot Act, and against the more recent HR 1955 and HR 1959 bills referred to as the "Thought Crime Bills." These bills- under the guise of protecting us from terrorists- do more damage to our freedoms than any terrorists could ever dream of, and broad bi-partisan support for this legislation shows that our current government has dangerous disregard for its own citizens; no wonder our Congress has become so wildly unpopular. I will not go into specifics of these bills, but they passed 357-66, 404-6 and 404-6 respectively. If you are not familiar with what these bills mean to your liberty, I suggest you research them yourself online:, or are great places to start.

I encourage you to ask my opponents how they would have voted on the Patriot Act, HR 1955 and HR 1959. I would have voted against all three for their disregard of our Constitutional Freedoms. Please allow me the liberty to characterize the other candidates positions; I publicly challenge them to refute my studied postulations as follows:

Eric Egland, Republican
Counter-Terrorism Consultant and Military Intelligence Officer
He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College. He is a spy. Egland probably thinks that the legislation listed above is far too weak and needs to give more freedoms to our Government's Intelligence Agencies and far less freedoms to the people.

Rico Oller, Republican
His close connections to the current party establishment and our District's incumbent lead me to conclude that he would not have the courage to take a principled stand against our GOP leadership, even if our freedom was being badly compromised. Rico mentions the 2nd Amendment constantly but rarely mentions the other Amendments. At least he'd still let you have a gun when your other rights were gone.

Doug Ose, Republican
Former Member of Congress
Ose has already served sessions in Congress that attacked and diminished our freedoms, his voting record is public. He voted in favor of the Patriot Act October 24, 2001 while serving another Congressional District. He wants to give more power to our Police and Military, which would, by necessity, require more government spending. Ose served in Congress when it set all-time spending records.

Charlie Brown, Democrat
Lt. Colonel, U.S. Air Force (retired)
Brown spent two decades as an Air Force pilot, along with two terms as Vice President of the Roseville Police Association. While his career is certainly admirable, it seems very clear that his allegiances would not be to civilians but to government agencies. Further, it seems that his career is distinguished by following orders; this is not a quality that would allow him to break ranks with Democratic leadership in Washington, even if our freedoms were at stake. HR 1955 and HR 1959 were sponsored by California Democrat Jane Harman.

It is likely that all of the candidates above will jump at the opportunity to attack my position on this issue, branding me 'soft on terror.' This proves my position further: I am not going to compromise our freedoms because of policies based on fear. I am not scared. I am not scared of terrorists. I am not scared of my political opponents. I am not scared to speak out against our own political establishment when it is necessary to protect our rights. I do not see these strengths or this degree of courage in any of the other candidates.

Theodore Terbolizard


Ron Paul Revolution Radio

Mondays and Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm PST, Congressional Candidate Dean Santoro (R-FLA) and I co-host a program called CONGRESSIONAL COAST TO COAST on RON PAUL REVOLUTION RADIO. We take live callers at 512-646-2008 or 877-646-2008.